Creating a new pharmaceutical brand (that is cannabis-based)

July 27, 2017


Legalizing cannabis is a hot topic right now. There are a lot of “medical cannabis” brands, but few that are truly medicinal, true pharmaceutical brands.

Scientus Pharma is a pharmaceutical company whose products are derived from cannabis. They recently launched their brand identity and Method Branding is proud to have been asked to help the company develop its brand.

Our first step was to establish a strategic framework that drove all creative work, including the company brand name. With Scientus Pharma as a name, it distanced the company from any association with cannabis.

The logo further reinforces the scientific core of this brand. The red triangle evokes one of the key differentiators for Scientus, the ability to deliver exact dosage of cannabinoid profiles in the medications they are developing.

scientus look-2a-1

Illustrations were commissioned to give the Scientus look a smart, yet compassionate look. They also help underscore that intellectual property is key to this brand. The illustrations have been used in a brochure, on the Scientus web site and are intended to be used in a variety of other media.

scientus look-1a-1

Har Grover, Scientus Pharma Executive Chairman, said, “We’re thrilled. The company is charting new territory. There weren’t a lot of precedents to draw from – not a traditional pharma drug, not a recreational cannabis product. Method Branding was able to draw from a number of different sectors to give us what we were looking for. People and companies that we are interacting with have commented how our look is unique and truly sets us apart from both cannabis-based companies and biopharma brands.

Method Branding brought together an outstanding team of talented professionals for this engagement (including senior brand strategist Eric Silmser, q30 design inc., writer Tony Spencer and illustrator Shelagh Armstrong-Hodgson). They all worked collaboratively with us to develop the brand, roll out the stationery and marketing collateral, as well as launch the new web site.”

Apple iMac 27 inch desktop computer

This is just the beginning. We continue to our great collaboration with Scientus as the company grows, develops its products and works to bring them to market. Check back for updates!